How to make money blogging aka Profitable Blog Niches

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So you wanna make money blogging? Here’s the basic do and don’t of it all.

What is a niche exactly? A niche is a specific area of “expertise” you will set yourself appart from your competition to make money blogging about products.

There’s a few different views in the field, most of them involve finding a profitable niche, there’s no such thing in my opinion. Any niche can be profitable if you bring interesting, fresh and great content. It is about being passionnate about the whole thing. Personally, I love dogs, so I will naturally choose to blog about everything dog related. Write an article with passion, speak from the heart, your readers will notice and come back for more. If you write generic blogs like a robot would, noone will ever wanna get more of your content, therefore you’ll just have a traffic-less blog with a huge waste of time on your hands.

Making money blogging is about passion, not only money. Also about perseverance, you won’t have a succesful blog in a week, otherwise every quitter on this planet would be making one and we’d never be able to turn a profit on it.

So there you are, you’ve found your niche (hopefully), the next step is to narrow it down to something in that niche. Let’s say per example that you wanna make money blogging about the health, which is a huge niche right now. You’ll want to narrow it down to something a bit more specific than generic health blogging. You might wanna focus on healthy morning practices, exercise, dieting… You get my point.

Why you need a niche in order to make money blogging?

Why shouldn’t you create a general blog about health? Well, first you’re a one man/woman operation, you won’t be able to provide enough content to be on top of your competition or even to have your blog found unless you do an insane amount of promotion and advertising.

You could always have a ton of money from god knows what you’ve done in a previous living situation and be able to afford people to write for your blog, post tons of articles on a weekly basis, but that’s probably not the case or you wouldn’t be here reading this.

Making money blogging is about focusing on a subject that will get the attention of your readers, be knowledgable on said subject and keep on bringing content. You will see growth in traffic over the coming months, returning readers, people leaving comments on how they enjoy your content and wanting more information on your blog posts.

Don’t give up, keep your head on the prize and have a happy blogging journey.

If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to leave them below.

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